On February 18, 2021, two of the leading music labels in the world announced their partnership. In case you are wondering, they are Bighit Entertainment and Universal music group. They joined hands to create something spectacular that has never tried before. This move truly is remarkable in pop history. Are you still confused? On February 18, the CEOs of the companies had an exclusive press conference online. They Revealed the Bighit and universal music’s partnership. Here is everything you need to know about it.

A Synopse Of Bighit and Universal music Partnership

  • Firstly, Universal music group and Big hit Entertainment plans to produce a global Boy group

It has been announced that a new boy group will debut. Mostly within the next two years. And the members will be chosen through a worldwide audition. Big hit Entertainment will find talented artists through Global auditions. Also, they will train them in Korea itself. Later Universal music group will promote them in the west. They will look after the music production as well. It is expected to be a multilingual boy group with members from all around the world. The group’s activities will be monitored from the headquarters in Los Angeles.

  • Secondly, Both the labels will create an online concert platform

Named as VeNew Live this online live streaming platform will be taking care of all online concerts. Especially, for Universal music group artists and Bighit artists. Similar to how JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment created BeyondLive. So, a concert with all the world stars together is not so far.

  • Finally, Enhance fans and artist’s experience through Weverse

We all Know Weverse is an amazing streaming website.  It started off as a platform for Big hit artists, But, later on, many other K Pop artists such as CL, Sunmi, P1Harmony, Weeekly, etc joined. It has been revealed during the announcement section that more foreign artists under UMG will Join Weverse. As of now, Alexander 23 and Yungblud will join Weverse soon.

Past announcements from Bighit

On January 27, 2021, it was announced that Bighit Entertainment invested 70 million won in YG Entertainment/YG Plus. Bighit will use YG Plus in distribution and merchandise production, whereas YG Plus can make use of Bighit’s Weverse app to communicate with fans. We hope that many YG artists will join the platform soon. Moreover, it was also revealed that the fan interacting platform Vlive by Naver will be merging with Weverse soon. This will let all idols in VLive [Literally every K pop Idol] live stream in Weverse. Besides, YG Entertainment and Universal Music Group invested in a joint venture of Kiswe (live streaming) and Bighit. All three agencies will use Kiswe’s “VeNew Live” for online concerts of their artists.

It looks like Bighit really wants to dominate the Music industry in 2021. Not only in Korea but in a global scale. With BTS’s popularity and the agency investing in various ventures it seem like an easy task.

So here is Bighit and universal music partnership announcement. What are your thoughts? Share them below in the comment section.

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