BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), Bulletproof Boy Scouts, or Bangtan Boys are a k-pop boy group. They debuted under the label ‘Bighit Entertainment’, on 13th June 2013. BTS consists of 7 members: J-Hope, Jimin, V, RM, Jin, Suga, and Jungkook. Their debut song was No More Dream’, which came from the ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ album. Today, Let’s have a look at BTS Popularity In India. With their global popularity, it isn’t a surprise that they are the most talked-about K-pop group in India now.

      A survey was done by Twitter partnered with k-pop Radar to release K-pop data  across 20 markets .

It was done to show how  K-pop community shares  love and connects with  favourite artists. The data collected between July2019 to June 2020, shows India ranks 11th among the top 2020 markets.

   In addition, k-pop Radar also found  BTS was the most mentioned K-pop artist in India.


They achieved milestones that made them ‘The Biggest Boyband in the World’.  It all started  with them being the first k-pop act to win the Top Social Artist Award at the BBMAS. In fact, they are  since presented, performed at the Grammys. Now  became the first k-pop Grammy nominated artists. Also, they  one of the 12 artists to sell out Wembley stadium. Their fanbase even managed to bag a couple of Guiness World Records for them.

Concert in India?

  Indian k-po fans might meet BTS band right after corona virus pandemic is over. India could be the first destination for BTS on their next round of world tour, indicated former KCCI Directory.

      The reason why India has a special place and is on the preferential list is the recent development.  Dynamite gained over 100M YouTube views with 24hrs, and surprisingly 8m of viewers were from India. In 2020, Bts became the only International artist among the Top 5 most streamed artists in india.

      Interestingly, the number of Indian students learning “Hangul” aka Korean language is increasing day by day. The major factor driving this number up is the growing craze for korean group, BTS. Recently in July, the India govt too announced the korean language as a recommended foreign language in the NEP 2020.

  Did pandemic help for BTS popularity?

2020 had positively gained a lot of Indian fans for BTS. Many started listening to BTS  which express self love, overcoming fears and strength during the pandemic. Due to their popularity, mainstream medias made articles. For the first time, and Indian channel interviewed BTS.

   India became one of the top 10 countries for the most streamed songs of BTS. It is a known fact that most of the fans are teenagers and  that highest percentage of them are females. With the rise in their popularity it is no surprise they are getting some hate as well.

Haters are the confused admirers who want to be like you

Paulo Coelho

Even though BTS popularity In India is skyrocketing, I think it will take some years for the general public to adapt to k-pop culture. Their songs became comfort and warm blanket for millions of Indian army’s. Besides, armys not only appreciate their songs but also do charitable works for the needy.

  Moreover, they give the will to go hardships and become a better person.

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