Finally, a new group of girls are on their way to capture the hearts of K Pop fans. On March 16, S2 Entertainment unveiled their upcoming girl band. In fact it has been revealed that S2 Entertainment is owned by former chairman and co-founder of Cube Entertainment, Hong Seung Sung. Firstly, S2 Entertainment revealed their upcoming girl group HOT ISSUE to debut soon.

, where HOT represents

Moreover, they symbolize the band’s aspirations for a “faithful” and “strong” wave in the field of music.

In addition, S2 Entertainment stated, “HOT ISSUE is focused on its preparations for the official launch of April. Please refer to HOT ISSUE, which will lead K-pop’s global trade with its unique charms.”
Not much about the group was revealed today. But, it has been reported that Mena, Kim Dayaeon and Cho Gahyun could be part of the team. Expected debut is set for the first half of 2021, most probably in April itself. More details regarding the girl group HOT ISSUE debut coming soon. Stay tuned.

View a group logo clip here:

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