Here is the full golden disc awards nominations for 2021 :


Digital Song Division Bonsang (Main Award)

  • Apink – “Dumhdurum”, Zico – “Any Song”, Noel – “Late Night”, ITZY – “WANNABE”, Baek Yerin – “Square (2017)”, Hwang In Wook – “Sad Drinking”, BLACKPINK – “How You Like That”, IU – “Eight”, BOL4 – “Leo” (Feat. Baekhyun), Jessi – “NUNUNANA”, BTS – “Dynamite”, Jin Minho – “half”, CHANGMO – “METEOR”, Red Velvet – “Psycho”, Park Jin Young – “When We Disco” (Duet with Sunmi), Davichi – “Dear.”, Kim Na Young, Yang Da Il – “Goodbye List”, Hwasa – “Maria”, Lee Hi – “HOLO”, VIBE – “Call me back”, Lim Young Woong – “Trust in me”, OVAN – “I Need You”, MAMAMOO – “HIP”, TWICE – “MORE & MORE”, MC MONG – “FAME” (Feat. Song Ga In, Chancellor), Sunmi – “pporappippam”, M.C the MAX – “BLOOM”, Sin Ye Young – “why break up?”, Oh My Girl – “Nonstop”, Baek Ji Young – “No love, No Heartbreak”,


Album Division Bonsang (Main Award)

  • NCT 127 – “NCT #127 Neo Zone”, AB6IX – “VIVID”, WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn) – “EQUAL”, ATEEZ – “ZERO : FEVER Part.1”, BTS – “MAP OF THE SOUL : 7”, Baekhyun – “Delight”, EXO – “OBSESSION”, BLACKPINK – “THE ALBUM”, EXO-SC – “1 Billion Views”, CRAVITY – “HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO – SEASON 2.”, Kai – “KAI”, GOT7 – “DYE”, Kang Daniel – “MAGENTA”, ITZY – “NotShy”, IU – “Love poem”, Kim Ho Joong – “We Are Family”, MAMAMOO – “TRAVEL”, Red Velvet-Irene & Seulgi – “Monster”, MONSTA X – “FATAL LOVE”, SEVENTEEN – “Heng:garæ”, NU’EST – “The Table”, SuperM – “Super One”, Wonho – “Love Synonym #1 : Right for Me”, Stray Kids – “IN生 (IN LIFE)”, Super Junior-K.R.Y – “When We Were Us”, Taemin – “Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1”Taemin – “Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1”, Suho – “Self-Portrait, TWICE – “MORE & MORE”, TXT – “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY”, NCT – “RESONANCE Pt.1”,


Rookie Artist of the Year

  • CRAVITY, WEi, DRIPPIN, Kim Ho Joong, ENHYPEN, Lee Eun Sang, H&D, MCND, TREASURE, TOO, Sin Ye Young.

Popularity Award

  • Apink, Park Jin Young, ATEEZ, Davichi, Cravity, BLACKPINK, BTS, Zico, ENHYPEN, Kang Daniel, EXO, Kim Ho Joong, MAMAMOO, NU’EST, GOT7, Lee Hi, ITZY, IU, MONSTA X, Lim Young Woong, Oh My Girl, NCT, TXT, TREASURE, Red Velvet, Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, Sunmi, Super Junior-K.R.Y.

Genre Awards

  • R&B/Hip Hop : Jessi, Zico, Changmo,
  • Best solo Artist: Jessi, IU, Zico, Sunmi, Lim Young Woong
  • Trot artist: Kim Ho Joong, Lim young woong, Song Ga In
  • Best ballad: Sanduel, Kim jae hwan, Lee seung Gi
  • Performance award-Boys: Ateez, Stray kids, Txt, The boyz, Bts
  • Performance award-Girls: Itzy, G Idle, IZ*one, Twice, Blackpink
  • Best ost: Gaho, Sanduel, Wheein, Joy, Jo Jung Suk
  • Best group: Bts, Seventeen, Blackpink, Twice, Monsta x
  • Next-generation award-Boys: Stray kids, txt, Ateez, The Boyz,
  • Next-generation award-Girls: Itzy, G idle, Loona, Everglow, Aespa
  • Golden Choice: Nu’est, Seventeen, Bts, Stray kids, G Idle
  • The trend of the year: Zico, Jyp, Bts, IU, Hwasa

Winners were already chosen in the following categories:

Cosmopolitan artist award: NCT

QQ Fans choice K Pop star award: EXO

Curaprox popularity award: BTS

All the above winners are chosen through online voting alone. Full winners list will be updated later.

Stay tuned.

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