If you are a true K Pop fan you may have heard about the bullying scandals that are happening now. In the past week, there were 14 bullying accusations reported by the K-Media. No matter whether a rookie or experienced idol. Everyone got attacked by these accusations. But, have you ever thought about why bullying is a hot topic in K-Pop all of a sudden? Today we uncover the dirty tricks of K-Media and the South Korean Government.

During the second week of February, there emerged a series of bullying accusations on K Pop idols. Some of them included Hyunjin of Stray kids, Lia of Itzy, Aisha of Everglow, Loona’s Chuu, Seventeen’s Mingyu, Monsta X’s Kihyun, The Boyz’s Sunwoo, Hyuna, (G)-Idle’s Soyeon & Soojin.

The real reason why bullying became a hot topic in K-Pop:

  • On February 10, a bullying scandal of the national volleyball team shocked South Korea. Twins Lea Da young and Lee Jae young of the women National volleyball team got accused of bullying. The accusers stated that the duo bullied them when they were in middle school. They added, the twins used to force them to do things against their wishes. Shortly after, both the athletes admitted their mistakes and apologized through their Instagram.
K-pop-Bullying 2021
  • In other news, few netizens accused Korean soccer player Ki Sung Yong of sexually harassing his Juniors when he was in elementary school. The news was denied by his agency and himself. But, the issue became a hot topic among the Netizens and they have mixed feelings regarding this.

  • Some of you might remember the former Seoul Mayor, Park Won Soon. His Secretary reported that he sexually harassed her for over 4 years. Later, found dead [an apparent suicide] near his official residence last July. Recently the issue came to the limelight again. And the commission who investigated found these accusations credible.

People in power didn’t want the above issues to go viral and reach everyone. So they used K-Media’s and even some Entertainment company’s help. Just to divert the attention to more popular K Pop idols. They used celebrities as a shield So that no one will beware of the athletes and politicians involved in bullying & sexual harassment accusations.

Another reason for these allegations to pop up now is that recently ‘Naver’ changed some features in the searching option. Basically, that feature allowed users to go to the hottest news just by clicking the keyword. They removed that feature. Netizens no more can find the hottest topic. So everyone started posting accusations on K Pop idols.

Jennie and G Dragon Dating News:

On February 24, Korean media dispatch reported that Blackpink’s Jennie and Bigbang’s G Dragon are reportedly dating. But when you look at Dispatch’s history they used to reveal a celebrity couple at the start of the year. Even though they claim the couple is dating for a year, they waited until this moment. So that they can use them as a shield to cover up bullying accusations. Fans have been trending tweets such as #YGPROTECT_JENNIE #YGPROTECT_GD. Even planning to send trucks to YG to let know them about this issue. But we doubt the whole of this happened under the knowledge of YG Entertainment.

What are your initial thoughts on this whole issue? Do you think Idols deserve this? Comment down below.

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