Recently a story by an Indian news channel “News Nation TV” has angered Blackpink fans. Not only the fans in India but also in other countries. The Indian media called Blackpink “Chinese Strippers”. This happened during a news segment related to the scrutiny of the Chinese government. During the segment, they displayed a clip of Blackpink’s live stage and justified and labeled them as “Chinese strippers” on national television. Just searching their name on the internet can reveal Blackpink is south Korean And they are one of the most popular k pop girl groups, but the channel staff has not done enough research. This is literally the highest level of ignorance from them. But why Indian media started attacking Blackpink all of a sudden? Here is a little backstory.

What Exactly Happened?

The situation in India-China border has become worse for the past few months. There have been frequent attacks from both sides. In a disputed border area, indian and chines army had a clash and around 20 Indian armies lost their life. The incident is the first clash in the border area, in atleast 45 years which follows rising tension among these two nations. Following these issue, India started strict restrictions to anything related to china.

Later that month, the Indian Government announced that they will block the use of 59 mobile apps made by Chinese companies. The officials added that it’s because, they were engaged in activities prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, which basically means that these apps were spying on their customers and giving the information to the Chinese government. The blocked apps include Tiktok, UC browser, and other popular apps such as Shareit, Baidu, Weibo, and WeChat. From that point, the Indian media were exposing all the bad kinds of stuff China does. When they are done with everything else, Media thought of exposing the entertainment industry in China. But due to the lack of their knowledge and research, they used a Blackpink stage performance.

Racism Still Exists?

This is not the first time Indian media being racist towards the mongoloids. Infact the people in North east states are still facing racism issues day by day. This issue was followed by heavy criticism by blackpink fans both in India and the world. ‘Blinks’ [Blackpink’s fandom name] around the world started trending tweets against the media and fans demanded the chief editor of the news segment an apology. And the channel gave this official statement.

We Do Stand By Our Story, However, A Technical error occured, A Wrong Video Got Uploaded. News Nation TV Have Taken Back The Said Video Clip. We Regret For This Tech Error

-News Nation

Even though the channel gives a ‘not so great’ apology, the issue has become a hot topic among K-pop fans. Indian k pop fans are still angry about the past controversy. In their music video, for “How You Like That” there was a scene that disrespects the Hindu culture, by keeping Lord Ganesha in a position below Lisa. But now, blinks are demanding an apology for this technical error. Indian k pop fans are seeing the issue from two different perspectives. Hopefully, the members won’t get affected much by this controversy. What do you think of this? Comment down your honest opinions regarding this whole situation.


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