Tony Kakkar Plagiarized Blackpink’s MV?

On February 9, Indian artist Tony Kakkar released his latest music video titled “Booty Shake”. Soon after, the Music video became a hot topic in social media. The song also gained over 6 Million [sixty lakhs] views in the first 48 hours. But, recently some Eagle-eyed Blinks [Blackpink Fandom] pointed out that Tony Kakkar and his label Desi Music Factory plagiarized Blackpink’s MV. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the issue and see whether there is any truth regarding those accusations.

Who Is Tony Kakkar?

For those who are not familiar with Tony Kakkar, he is an Indian singer, songwriter, and composer under the label, Desi Music Factory. He has been active in the music industry for the past nine years. And his two sisters Sona Kakkar and Neha Kakkar are singers as well. In fact, Sonu Kakkar has featured in this controversial Song “Booty Shake”

Is The Song Really Plagiarized?

To be honest, the song alone is not plagiarized. But some scenes from “Booty Shake” MV looks a bit similar to Blackpink’s “Ice cream” music video. So we can tell that the music video sets used are pretty much the same. And, the Desi Music factory didn’t give any credits for the set design. The scene with a tennis ground alike room in the ‘Ice cream’ MV is copied and used in the ‘Booty Shake’ Music video with a slight change in the color. It was. actually fine if they gave the credits to the rightful owner., which they never did.

Why Tony Kakkar Plagiarized Blackpink?

This is not the first time Tony Kakkar getting accused of plagiarism. He was caught before too doing something similar to this. Last time it was after the release of his song “Shona Shona” featuring his sister Neha Kakkar. It was found that many scenes in the music video was exact copy of Iz*one’s “Beware” and B1A4’s “Like A Movie”. K Pop fans around the world were quite angry and insisted him and company to give credits to the original artist. With no other choice they finally added in their description that, the set design was inspired from Iz*one and B1A4.

But this time it’s not gonna be that easy for the company. because Blinks around the world are asking the company to issue an official apology or to give the credits to the original MV [ Ice Cream ]. Some blinks point out that this is his tactic to earn more Youtube views. Moreover, this is not the first time Indian media using Blackpink for attention

Hope you got an idea whether Tony Kakkar Plagiarized Blackpink’s MV or song. Do they need to apologize? Share your thoughts below.

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